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This session will run from June 28 to July 19, 2021

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Detox Your Life is a 10-part, digital course where Queen Afua teaches step by step instructions on how to detox yourself holistically while creating a wellness centered home from setting up your Wellness Nutrition Kitchen with delicious recipes, herbs, tonics, and smoothies. 

Eat food as medicine, to transform your bathroom into a hydrotherapy self healing room, to transform your bedroom into a regeneration room, to your living room into a place of serenity. In the 21 day/12 week detoxifying regimen, you will learn how to slow down the aging process, lose weight, and gain optimal vitality.


  • Learn how to become a Healer in your Family & create a Wellness Centered Home taking Queen Afua's 4 Master Detox Workshops.

  • Be transformed, journey into the 21 Day Detox Program along with transforming your house to a wellness home.

  • Receive a wellness certification to help you prevent diseases that plague your family from high blood pressure to arthritis, from headaches to stress, etc. Learn how to offer a 7, 14 or 21 day detox.

  • Set up your Heal Thyself spa and shop. Transform Prepare food from the Nutrition Kitchen. Learn how to heal yourself daily as a way of life.


Included in this course are the following


    Nutrition Kitchen Pharmacy: Enjoy delicious foods from Natures Garden, with recipes to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to set up a Nutrition Kitchen with Herbs, Whole grains, Vegan Protein, and Fun Deserts


    Live In Room: The living room becomes a place for meditation, family vision work, healing movements and freedom fighting wellness discussions.


    Hydrotherapy Room: Known as the bathroom becomes your surgery by water room for emotional physical detoxification. Learn how to create a Hydrotherapy Day Spa right from your very own home.


    Regeneration Chamber: The bedroom becomes the regeneration chamber where you perform your inversion therapy, clay pack application, and castor oil heat treatment & aromatherapy. All to support the healer within.